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Risen (Chosen Chronicles) by Christine James **Book Review** + Spotlight

Risen (Chosen Chronicles #1)
by Christine James


A fun night in a small town carnival will change Erin’s life forever with a simple visit to a bizarre and mysterious fortune teller. Scared to death by what the haggard woman reveals, Erin quickly flees and quite literally collides with Angelo, a mysterious, captivating carnival worker. Later that night, he appears in her dreams but he’s not the only one visiting her slumber. Evil is lurking on the edge of the shadows and it’s coming for her. Loyalties are tested and the lines of friendship begin to blur as long hidden truths come to light and fate bears down upon them all. Everyone has secrets but when some turn out to be more than heart wrenching, Erin has to decide who she can trust.
Angelo is not what he seems but then again no one ever is. Not even Erin. Can Erin deal with the harsh past that Angelo has been harboring or will it prevent her from doing what she's been chosen to do?

My Review: 5 Stars!

5 stars! I absolutely loved everything about Risen! I read it in one sitting! I refused to put this book down because frankly I didn't want to! It was just that great! I fell in love with the characters and caught myself secretly wishing they were real :) (shh don't tell) I felt the love and passion between Angelo and Erin. They kept teasing me because every time I would think they were going to be intimate something would happen and I wanted to just slap them both and throw them in bed together! Lol the connection they had was so powerful that it just left me in total awe! Wow! I'm still experiencing the after effects of this book! I would definitely recommend this book. It has the great battle between angels and demons plus an intense love story and many friendships. I am honestly in love with these characters and I can't wait to read Bloodlines! Thank you Christine for allowing me to read this addicting story!


Erin is about to turn 21. She has lived in her hometown all of her life and knows pretty much everyone. Her and her best friend Anna attend the carnival that is in town. Erin runs into Angelo, a handsome stranger who she thinks has come with the carnival, and they instantly feel an intense chemistry between them. However Angelo is not there with the carnival. He is there on a mission given to him hundreds of  years ago. A mission to find the chosen one. Erin is the chosen one and has the blood of one of the most powerful angels in her veins. Angelo has been sent to protect her but even he can't stop the evil from finding her. With Angelo's help, Erin must come to grip with what she is and learn to defend herself before Daemon (Satan's most powerful demon) can reach her. As if that isn't enough, Erin and Angelo's intense chemistry becomes more powerful each time they are together causing distractions that could put them in danger. They must learn to put their attraction aside and focus on the battle that is coming. 

Author Bio:

Hmmm so something interesting about myself eh? Well let's see. I live in small town Missouri and I grew up in an even smaller town. I am happily married with two sons. I am the eldest of three as well as the only girl. We are a very tight knit family and my brothers are my best friends. I believe friends are important in life and everyone needs at least one.
I have loved to write for as long as I can remember. I DO NOT write for the money. I write because so many authors over the years have taken me to so many wonderful places; from tropical islands, to swash buckling adventures; from the twisted mind of a psyco, to the magical world of witches, vampires and fairies. My wish is that I can create a world someone can get lost in, if only for just a few hours. I write all types of stories. Paranormal, murder mystery, pirate adventures, and westerns. Most will have some sort of romance in them, but that is usually not the main focus.
While writing is my passion, it is not my only one. I also make and decorate cakes, but my most important accomplishments in my life are my kids and my husband. Without them I would not be able to do what I love to do.

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