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******BLOG TOUR*****Reality by Dani Hart

Reality by Dani Hart

I am Arie Belle and up until my mother’s unexpected and mysterious death my life had been pretty simple, but then things became dark and, at times, hopeless.  Even my uncanny ability to communicate with nature had turned its back on me.  My only saving grace is my lifetime friendship with the boy next door, River, whom I had always thought of as my soul mate up until my eighteenth birthday when everything seemed to change.  My body tingles with heightened sensations and my emotions veer out of control.  They are further tested when Ashe, a beautiful stranger with a powerful draw, enters my life and challenges my heart and soul.  Amidst the rush of feelings after years of numbness, my true destiny slowly unravels and my journey to find out what I am, to find my mother’s killer, and stop my own death becomes a frantic rush before the next full moon. 
This powerful story encaptures the true meaning of love and the dark corners of life that can either suck you in or save you.

My Review:

Reading Reality was such an adventure. I swear my emotions were probably all over the place while I was reading. I was able to relate to the characters and feel what they were feeling. I love Arie! I envied the close relationship she had with her mother. I wanted to be there beside her helping her get through her heartache and sadness. I felt myself wanting to shake her and tell her to wake up and get it together. Then there is River. Ah River. He is definitely my choice. I absolutely envy how they grew up together and were so close. They shared life experiences and had such a past. I am definitely team River :) Then Arie meets Ashe and a love triangle is formed. I can totally understand the hot mysterious guy being attractive and interesting but I just could not make myself like him. I mean I liked him as a character just not to be with Arie. Maybe it is because I loved River so much. I mean once you have a guy like River why would you ever be interested in anyone else, mysterious or not? I don't know lol maybe I'm just biased. Though I struggled through the love triangle I did enjoy the story plot of the book. Arie has always had a special connection to animals and nature. She doesn't understand it and she doesn't have many people to turn to for help. Soon her life takes her on a journey to discover who she is. All in all this was definitely a good read. Dani did an amazing job writing Reality and I will definitely read more from her in the future.

Author Bio:

Author Bio

My passion for writing started at a very young age.  It started with a multitude of diaries as soon as I could, then poetry, then short stories.  I received my BA at USC in Theatre with an unofficial minor in writing.  While at USC I wrote my first screenplay and post-graduation I was hired to write another screenplay, which I did successfully.   Life got busy and my passion was pushed aside, but then I met an amazing person who loved my story and encouraged me to start writing again. With that said, I am in a happier place now.  I am fulfilling my inner desire and passion to write.  I just self-published book one in The Life of Arie series and am currently working on book two.  I am also working on an adult dark romance. 

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*********COVER REVEAL********* The Sorcery Code by Dima Zales

The Sorcery Code 
by: Dima Zales


Once a respected member of the Sorcerer Council and now an outcast, Blaise has spent the last year of his life working on a special magical object. The goal is to allow anyone to do magic, not just the sorcerer elite. The outcome of his quest is unlike anything he could’ve ever imagined – because, instead of an object, he creates Her.

She is Gala, and she is anything but inanimate. Born in the Spell Realm, she is beautiful and highly intelligent – and nobody knows what she’s capable of.

Augusta, a powerful sorceress, sees Blaise’s deed for the ultimate hubris that it is. She still loves Blaise and wants to save him before he has to pay the ultimate price . . . thanks to the abomination he created.

About The Author:

Dima Zales is a full-time science fiction and fantasy author residing in Palm Coast, Florida. Prior to becoming a writer, he worked in the software development industry in New York as both a programmer and an executive. From high-frequency trading software for big banks to mobile apps for popular magazines, Dima has done it all. In 2013, he left the software industry in order to concentrate on his writing career.

Dima holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from NYU and a dual undergraduate degree in Computer Science / Psychology from Brooklyn College. He also has a number of hobbies and interests, the most unusual of which might be professional-level mentalism. He simulates mind-reading on stage and close-up, and has done shows for corporations, wealthy individuals, and friends.

He is also into healthy eating and fitness, so he should live long enough to finish all the book projects he starts. In fact, he very much hopes to catch the technological advancements that might let him live forever (biologically or otherwise). Aside from that, he also enjoys learning about current and future technologies that might enhance our lives, including artificial intelligence, biofeedback, brain-to-computer interfaces, and brain-enhancing implants.

In addition to his own works, Dima has collaborated on a number of romance novels with his wife, Anna Zaires. The Krinar Chronicles, an erotic science fiction series, has been a bestseller in its categories and has been recognized by the likes of
Marie Claire and Woman’s Day. If you like erotic romance with a unique plot, please feel free to check it out, especially since the first book in the series (Close Liaisons) is available for free everywhere. Keep in mind, though, Dima Zales's books are going to be much more PG 13 . . . at least that’s the plan for now.

Anna Zaires is the love of his life and a huge inspiration in every aspect of his writing. She definitely adds her magic touch to anything Dima creates, and the books would not be the same without her. Dima’s fans are strongly encouraged to learn more about Anna and her work a
t Anna Zaires Website

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****BLOG TOUR/GiveAway*** Patch up by Stephanie Witter!

Patch up 
by: Stephanie Witter

Due to some shocking scenes, this novel is not intended for readers under 18.

Patch Up by Stephanie Witter
Genre: Contemporary New Adult novel with a slow building romance.
PublisherAnchor Group
Date of Publication: 16 Sep, 2013
ISBN: 9780989707336
Number of pages: 260 pages
Cover Artist: Cover It Designs
Length: over 85 000 words.


Skye followed her long time boyfriend to Seattle for their first year of college, but he dumped her after only a week. The relationship brought only pain and destruction in Skye's life, and yet, she can't bring herself to open up and live her life.

"What if I am already broken into pieces?"

She hates to be touched, hiding under her oversized shirts and behind her wild frizzy hair. Even her bubbly roommate can't reach her. And yet ...

"I'm the guy who knows how you can hurt so much that your insides feel like they're cut and bleeding."

The tall, handsome, and tattooed TA in her psychology class changes everything when he literally collides with her and confronts her. For the first time in a long time, she wants to try and open up to this guy whose dark, intense eyes can't hide his own pain despite his dazzling smile getting to her.

However, just when she's starting to live again, her ex-boyfriend comes back, breaking her time and time again, making it all the more complicated.

She wants to fight for herself and for this building thing with the TA, even when he pushes her away, but can two broken people patch each other up?

"I never thought colliding with someone could change lives, but it is possible."


(The first meeting)

Without paying attention to my surroundings, I turn to my left to walk toward the row closer to the door where a seat is available. I take a step and collide with a hard body, almost toppling me over on the ground for the second time in less than an hour. A strong hand grips me firmly by the forearm. My body stiffens and my breath catches in my throat. It’s as if I can’t move besides yanking my arm free without looking up to see who I collided with.

“Are you all right?” he asks me in a deep and calm voice.

My eyes wander from my red Converse to his dark boots. I have to calm down. I’m being ridiculous. Calm down. I take a deep breath and look up slowly. Long, muscled legs in beat up dark blue jeans, an old black leather jacket open over a dark grey V-neck sweater that showcases an impressive tall body with broad shoulders and finally, longish and messy black hair, perfect straight nose, full lips, high cheekbones and expressive soft dark eyes that lock with my bluish-greyish ones. He looks older with his goatee perfectly trimmed. A perfect hot mess many girls would say. I’m just intimidated by this stranger, though.

“I’m fine,” I reply, my voice even. I push away some of my untamed locks and curse my auburn frizzy hair that is always all over the place.

My Review

Omg. I am absolutely in love with this book! I do not read many new adult or romance books that are not paranormal but this book absolutely blew me away. From the moment I read the blurb for this book I knew I had to read it and I am soooo glad I did. It sent me on an emotional roller coaster and I loved every minute of it. I laughed, I cried, I got all hot and bothered lol! It was such a great read. I loved the characters! I felt like I could relate to Skye and Duke because they are both so broken and carry pain from their past that they haven't even begun to move on from it. I think we all have a little pain from our past so it is easy to put yourself in their shoes and experience the emotions that they experience. I enjoyed the love/hate/love/hate back and fourth of their relationship because let's face it not all relationships are perfect. Skye and Duke are most definitely my favorite book couple of all time! Bella and Edward have nothing on them! I even enjoyed Kate and Derrek and absolutely hated Sean. I could not make myself put this book down. I wanted to know more and more and kept reading on and on until I found myself at the end before I knew it. I was really please that Stephanie did not reveal why skye and duke were so broken right up front. That is what kept me wanting to read and read because I wanted to find out what happened to them and then find out in more detail. I finished reading it in a few hours and I am still thinking about them lol. I will definitely be reading it again and cannot wait for the next installment! I honestly believe that Patch up was the best book I've read this year (and that is a long list!) It is a love story about two broken people falling for each other while trying to help each other heal their wounds from the past. I give this book 5 stars and will definitely recommend it to everyone!

About the Author:

Stephanie Witter:

Stephanie Witter is a French dreamer. She started English at three and fell in love with the language. Always with a book - or two - close by, she soon started reading in English when she couldn't wait to see Harry Potter translated in French. After a while, reading wasn't enough and she started writing young adult and new adult contemporary novels always filled with drama. Now she hopes to translate English novels in her mother tongue as her everyday job. By My Side is her debut novel.

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Clean Teen Publishing Tour Day 12 ***Brink of Distinction Series by Jon Messenger***

Brink of Distinction Series 
by: Jon Messenger

Burden of Sisyphus

Between the alien Alliance and the Terran Empire, a neutral zone stretches between the galaxies, a demilitarized zone that was established 150 years previous, following the Great War. The peace accord granted a semblance of peace to the universe. The peace, however, is a facade, and it is the responsibility of Michael Vance and his covert operations team to maintain that illusion.

Recently, the Alliance lost contact with one of their outposts near the neutral zone. Surveillance scans show an abandoned city and no signs of life. The Alliance does what it always does: send in the best. But an unexpected betrayal leaves Vance and his team stranded. Worse, the city that was supposed to be dead is quite alive. And the monsters that now roam its streets are slaughtering his team, one at a time.

Fall of Icarus

The Terran Empire has broken the Taisa Accord and invaded Alliance space in this exciting second novel in the Brink of Distinction series.  Survivors of the Empire's first assault, Yen Xiao and Adam Decker swore vengeance against the Terrans.  Joining forces with the enigmatic Keryn Riddell, the three warriors must find a way to destroy the Terran fleet.  But the Terrans have a secret weapon: a biological agent sold to them by an renegade smuggler.  Now it's a race against the clock to capture the smuggler before the Terrans decimate the Alliance homeworlds.

When everything they do proves to be not enough to stop the Empire's violent invasion, the Alliance takes the fight directly to the Empire by invading Earth!  But Earth may not be the biggest threat to the safety of the Alliance.  The biggest danger may be one of their own.

Purge of Prometheus

The final confrontation between the Alien Alliance and the Terran Empire begins in this exciting conclusion to the Brink of Distinction trilogy.

One-by-one, the brilliant suns of Alliance space are disappearing, left cold and lifeless after exposure to the Terran biological epidemic.  Trapped on one of the sunless worlds, Keryn Riddell, the ruthless Wyndgaart warrior, fights against both a frozen landscape and her Terran captors.

As Keryn fights for her life, the psychic Yen Xiao leads the Alliance fleet in pursuit of the Terran Destroyers threatening the Alliance homeworlds.  Yearning for leadership of the fleet, Yen begins to wonder just how far he’ll go for the power he craves.

Excerpt from Burden of Sisyphus

Hicks’ body screamed in protest as he tried to stand.  His muscles ached and his lungs burned in the
planet’s thin, dust-filled air.  Under
his dark armor sweat soaked through his uniform.  Raising his head, he saw the looming
plateau.  Nuzzled within the wedge of the
plateau’s façade there was the Terran’s dark, stone, defensive wall.  Relief flooded through him.  Being able to see the bristling antiaircraft
weapon platforms mounted atop the wall meant his destination was finally within
to his feet, despite resistant muscles, he ran the rest of the way to the
wall.  He didn’t dare hope to make it
that far without being spotted by his enemies but the reprieve gave him time to
close the final twenty meters to the outpost. 
Legs cramping, he limped the rest of the way to the wall.  Ignoring the large, arched vehicle entrance,
whose heavy doors led straight to the courtyard between the wall and the
building set into the plateau, he staggered to the reinforced personnel
entrance to one side.  Shuffling past a
set of thick windows he watched Terran soldiers within the wall move toward the
in the red sand he stopped in front of the door and pounded it with his open
hand.  “Open the door!” he yelled, his
voice raspy and dry.
nothing happened he banged again, glancing over his shoulder in fear and
the damn door!” he screamed, as much as his raw throat allowed, hitting the
door repeatedly.
hesitantly, it opened.
blast of cool air struck him as he was pulled into the comforting
darkness.  The room was cast in deep
shadows and he was momentarily blinded in the dim lighting.  He shivered as someone helped him to the far
side of the narrow room, the cool air a stark contrast to the scorching heat
outside.  Sliding down against the wall,
he exhaled a loud, raspy breath.
the closest soldier said.
head swam with exhaustion.
happened out there?”
peered through the gloom, barely able to make out the man’s rank and name.  “Alliance mercenaries.  They hit us while we were on patrol.”
third soldier pushed past the others and bent over Hicks, who saw the officer
epaulettes on his shoulder.  “Where’s the
rest of your team, Private?”
shook his head.  “They’re all dead, Sir.”
of them?” the lieutenant asked in disbelief. 
“How did one group of Alliance mercenaries take out an entire patrol?”
soft sound echoed through the room before Hicks could reply.  The thumping reverberated softly as he
clambered to his feet.  Slowly, the
others heard it and the room fell to hushed silence.  It was a series of soft thumps as if
something struck the compound’s outer wall repeatedly.
the hell is that noise?” Lieutenant Hill asked, looking toward the thick, outer
sound continued unabated.
I’ve got a visual,” a private said, watching from the window.
lieutenant rushed to the window, pulling free the binoculars on his hip.  In the distance, a single massive form stood
at the crest of the hill.  Thick, dark
fur covered its body which ended in an elongated snout.  Sharp horns jutted from its temples, curving
wickedly forward.
his binoculars, the lieutenant turned toward the rest of the soldiers.  “It looks like the Alliance found our
outpost!  Let’s move, people!”  As he walked back to the middle of the room
the soldiers exploded into action.
your feet, soldiers!” Lieutenant Hill yelled over the din of muttered
conversation.  “Grab some ammo and find a
wall to stand behind.”  Turning back
toward the sturdy window he glared across the red field.  “If they want to bring their fight here, they
won’t even know what hit them.”
true,” Hicks rasped, as a barbed tail erupted from under the back of his
shirt.  Lashing out, the tail struck the
base of Lieutenant Hill’s neck and erupted from his throat, nearly decapitating
the officer.
extended his left hand, the fingers elongated into razor-sharp points, which he
drove into a nearby soldier’s abdomen. 
The soldier stared in disbelief, as the skin on Hicks’ face melted like
wax, first running down toward his chin before being absorbed into his
oily-black skin.  The face disappeared,
leaving behind a featureless black oval. 
Slowly, the rest of his skin melted away until all that remained was
thick, black hide.
creature that impersonated Hicks swished its spiked tail back and forth and
turned toward the three remaining soldiers in the room.  Eyes wide with fright, one swung his rifle
toward the creature and squeezed the trigger.
window exploded inward as the first round tore through the thick glass and
struck the soldier’s temple.  His scalp
peeled away on the far side of his head as the high-velocity round passed
through and struck the far wall, spraying the back of the room with blood.

About Jon Messenger

Jon Messenger (Born 1979 in London, England) serves as an United States Army Major in the Medical Service Corps. Since graduating from the University of Southern California in 2002, writing Science Fiction has remained his passion, a passion that has continued through two deployments to Iraq, a humanitarian relief mission to Haiti, and an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. Jon wrote the "Brink of Distinction" trilogy, of which "Burden of Sisyphus" is the first book, while serving a 16-month deployment in Baghdad, Iraq.

Jon's books include Wind Warrior which was published through Clean Teen Publishing and quickly hit the best selling lists of Amazon. Jon Messenger has won a readers choice award as well as the Clean Teen Publishing writing contest for his Novella of Wind Warrior, which is also featured in Wonderstruck. Messenger's sci-fi series, Brink of Distinction, was picked up by Clean Teen Publishing's adult imprint: Crimson Tree Publishing in the Fall of 2013.