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****BLOG TOUR**** Fated Truth by Tasha Gwartney

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Fated Truth 
By: Tasha Gwartney
Release Date: September 10, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Living in a world never truly meant for her, Ella Reese has tried her whole life to fit into the mold her parents wanted, and not stand out in a small town where gossip reigned supreme. Despised for what she is, she will be lucky to make it through her senior year intact and spending time with her two best friends would be a major bonus. However, Fate intervenes and Ella suddenly finds herself thrust into an odyssey where she not only discovers she is a powerful Goddess Touched True Witch but a life mate has also been chosen for her. In love with her soul mate and reunited with a family who accepts her, Ella's world falls apart when Fate deals her a horrific blow. As she travels the path Fate has set her on, she must uncover her true self or die trying.


When Ella Reese touched Jaxx’s hand for the first time she knew her life would never be the same, never had a touch between two seemingly ordinary finger tips spark a light so bright that Ella felt it ignite the embers burning deep within the withered flower that she called a soul, with the mere brush of a finger Ella bloomed, and Jaxx opened her eyes to a world where she could truly belong.

My Review:

5 Stars!!

Ok. Let me first start off by saying that I am not that fond of witches whether it be on tv or in books they have just never been my cup of tea. However Tasha's book Fated Truth had me hooked from the very beginning! I honestly did not want to put the book down and when i finally did I continued thinking about Ella and Jaxx instead of concentrating on my school work! Yes it was that good! I loved everything about this book. I instantly fell in love with Ella and her best friend Jessa from the get go. Then comes Jaxx! (drool). Uggh. I LOVE Jaxx. I love how Ella refers to him as the Nordic God! It describes him perfectly. He is my favorite character by far! Although it is hard for me to choose just one favorite character with such good ones as Tasha wrote. I loved them all! They each have a very different personality that sets them apart from one another. Sometimes I felt like they were real and found myself feeling like I was there in the story with them. Tasha did an excellent job writing Fated Truth. I mean it feels like a true story when you read it, like it is actually happening and you are part of it. I experienced the emotions that Ella was experiencing as if I were her. I loved it! I also liked how we learn a little more information at a time as you get further into the story rather than just dumping all the information at the beginning or end. It kept me wanting to read more and more so I could find out what happened or why or how. All in all this book was definitely 5 stars! I can't wait to read the next one in the series to see where the story will go. Thank you Tasha for writing such an excellent read! I will definitely recommend this book to everyone! <3 span="">

Author Bio:

Tasha Gwartney is a Military wife and devoted momma to a handsome little man by day. At night she drops her domestic goddess cloak and becomes an avid writer. She lives in Central Louisiana with her family and two huskies. Tasha has been writing poetry and short stories since she was ten years of age. There wasn’t ever a time when a story plot wasn’t found somewhere in her head. Tasha has had several of her poems published. She is looking forward to publishing many more poems and novels as well.
Tasha has always enjoyed bringing the worlds that begin inside her head to the minds of others.

Tasha Gwartney started writing short stories when I was about ten years old. I would print them out on the sides of worksheets in school, basically write them on anything that was handy when the idea would pop up in my head. My elementary teachers would tell me to stop because it was disruptive and not pertaining to the subject that I was so post to be learning at the time.
All the way through school I wrote. My short stories got longer and I branched out into poetry. Some of my school teachers encouraged me to write. They even said they liked some of my work. But it wasn’t until I was a junior in High School that it really hit me that I wanted to do this. I wanted to write and reach people. To put the stories that were bouncing against the walls of my mind down on paper, and teleport someone into my own private world.

My Science teacher caught me writing a poem on the back of a test during class one day. That was a HUGE no-no in his class. You did not get side tracked. It was one of his major pet peeves. He asked me to stay after class that day, and I was literally shaking in my platform boots. He was majorly hard on people that ticked him off during his classes. Come to find out, I wasn’t in trouble. He wanted to talk to me about the poem that he had read on the back of my end of term test. He asked if he could give it to his wife for their anniversary. I was so happy that I wasn’t in trouble that I quickly said yes then shot from the room.

The poem that I wrote on the back of that test was about love and loss. I had read a novel the night before that really touched something hidden deep inside me. You have to remember I was sixteen. I was a teen that knew nothing of truly feeling emotions of love on this deep of a level. But the novel I read the night before had me enthralled. I fell into the main character and felt every emotion that she felt, celebrated her every triumph, and cried her tears when she lost the man she loved. That was how I was able to write a poem on the back of a test that touched even my grouchy Science teacher.
After that I wanted to be that author that transported readers and wrote something that made them feel every emotion that the characters I made come to life feel. This is the reason that I write.

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